What is WallacePOS?

Wallace Point Of Sale is your cash register in the cloud

WallacePOS is an open-source, intuitive & modern web based POS & business management system. It uses the power of the modern web to provide an easy to use & extensible solution suitable for small to medium businesses.

It's also compatible with standard POS hardware including receipt printers, cashdraws and barcode scanners. With a rich administration dashboard and reporting features, WallacePOS brings benefits to managers and staff alike.

Take your business into the cloud with WallacePOS!

All your statistics in one place

  • Spend less time shuffling paper reports, digital ones are instantly available.
  • Access to your business dashboard anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Take back control of your data! All data available for export & external analysis.
  • Configuration and item updates are delivered to POS terminals in real time.

No software installations

  • Just enter your special WallacePOS Address to get started.
  • Registration for each device takes seconds.
  • Offline access means you can always take sales, even without an internet connection.
  • WallacePOS works with all major operating systems and browsers.

Works with standard POS hardware

  • Supports POS hardware across a large number of devices and operating systems.
  • Compatible with ESCP (Epson standard code for printers) receipt printers, cashdraws and standard USB barcode scanners.
  • Produces Professional receipts complete with your logo, custom text & QR code
  • Supports Tyro Integrated Eftpos terminals (hosted versions only)