POS terminal

Customizable, fast & ease to use

  • Multipurpose design makes it suitable for restaurants, cafes or general retail. Orders are broadcast to other devices in realtime ensuring any device can finalize the order.
  • Touchscreen device? The onscreen keypad makes a keyboard optional
  • Checkout is flexible & fast. Add items in more than one way, take split payments and email receipts
  • Supports Voids and refunds
  • Use standard USB barcode scanners or our special android app to process sales even faster

Built on proven open-source technologies & standards.

  • Utilises JSON data interchange for lightning fast load times. Data is preloaded to ensure it's available on demand & updates are delivered in real time with new but proven websocket technology.
  • Scales down to any screen size using CSS3 media queries
  • HTML5 Offline storage allows processing of transactions without an internet connection, offline records are uploaded when a connection becomes available.

Bring your own devices

  • All you need is a device with a web browser
  • Registration is a one step process for each device
  • Support for standard POS hardware (EPSON ESCP)
  • Speed up your sales with Tyro EFTPOS integration.

Linux / Mac/ Windows


Apple IOS
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Receipt Printing
By Customer Request
Cash Draw
By Customer Request
Barcode Scanning
Tyro Eftpos

Integrated EFTPOS links WallacePOS with your EFTPOS terminal, resulting in faster sales, less mistakes and a single combined receipt for your customers.

Click here to learn more about Tyro integrated Eftpos solutions.

EJ Technologies cross platform installer makes receipt & cashdraw setup easy.

Admin dashboard

A birdseye view of your business, anywhere with internet

  • Choose from two powerful dashboards (dashboard & realtime). View overview graphs, see incoming sales. view & send messages to online POS staff.
  • Easily generate a variety of detailed reports. Print or export them to CSV (spreadsheet file) for further analysis.
  • Generate customisable graphs to better understand you business trends.
  • View sales and export them to csv. Void transactions & retract voids & refunds.

Safe & secure

  • Give your staff fine-tuned access to what they can see and do on the admin dashboard
  • All data transfer is encrypted with HTTPS & passwords are hashed pre-transfer
  • Disable users, locations and devices

Customers, Stock & Inventory management

  • Added, updated and deleted items & configurations are broadcast to active POS terminals in real time
  • Keeps track of your stock levels at each retail location & warehouses. Add, set and transfer stock at each location and view detailed stock history
  • Keep track of your customer base for future promotions and save on printing costs by emailing receipts.
  • Hassle free, central control of receipts & configuration